Accelerx uses proven Analytical Assessment Tools to assist in determining how we may best aid your organization. The assessments serve to identify areas of organization and individual challenges. With the information provided by the assessments, in conjunction with individual and organizational goals and objectives we develop customized solutions to effectively and efficiently address areas for improvement. Our assessments tools focus on both Individual and Organizational capabilities:


An organization’s human resources “It’s People” are  it’s most important asset.

Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time is critical to organizational growth.

The Accelerx Innermetrix personal assessment complement allows us to integrate the WHAT (Attribute Index), the WHY (Values Index) and the HOW (DISC Index) of human performance.  It provides powerful insights and potential opportunities for transformational change. The trio of assessments provides an incredibly robust and holistic view of any individual.   The unique structure and format of the profile allows for more expanded and individualized information key to the individuals overall understanding of their capabilities in relation to their continuing personal and professional development.


Successful organizations are continually looking for ways to improve their competitive advantage.

The interrelationships of processes and departments within an organization are a key element in determining overall success of businesses and organizations. If departments are not working together and/or the organization’s structure does not support its strategy, the organization will likely not achieve its goals. Organizations that learn to identify new relationships between what they do and the results they seek can further increase the gap between themselves and their competitors and decrease the gap between the results they want and the results they get.

Accelerx’s D.I.A.L.O.G assessment process gives key leadership insight into what is and is not working. D.I.A.L.O.G identifies strengths and opportunities in the area of leadership, strategic planning, customer market and focus, measurement analysis and knowledge management, human resource, processes and business results.

The Process Audit: The Process audit is adapted from Hammer & Company. Michael Hammer, author of the best seller “Business Re-engineering” has developed an audit process. According to Dr. Edwards Deming, 94% of all failures occur when a person is not following a tested system (defined process). The Audit helps us determine if, and to what extent your organization is process driven and it’s readiness to become so.

Our Growth is stalled – what is keeping us from growing? At any point in time, 20% of the Organizations are experiencing a plateau. This diagnostic helps pinpoint the challenges.

Are you suffering from Growing Pains – Growing Pains are a symptom that the organization is not balanced. Growing Pains exist when the investment in needed infrastructure does not meet the needs of the organization.

How Fast can you afford to Grow? It takes money to make money – this tool aids in determining what your cash requirements are.