The Accelerx Attribute Index

The Accelerx Attribute Index provides information about WHAT our natural talents are. The Index provides organizations with a powerful way to maximize their human capital-their people. The Attribute Index is unique in the market place as it is based on the work of Dr. Robert Hartmann. His work is said to have done for social science what Newton did for natural science. It is based on deductive rather than inductive processes. The Index has been proven and validated through separate studies for over 20 years. It reveals our clarity and preference in each of the three distinct decision making/thinking styles, based on over fifty years of scientific research. Each of us makes decisions in these three ways, but we tend to have greater clarity in some and develop a preference for one more than the other two. This preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting the decisions we make on a daily basis and shaping how we perceive ourselves as well as the world around us.