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Regardless of your current interest in selling your business, Accelerx believes business leaders should be building organizations, which are creating value.

All Businesses regardless of their size or position in the market place are challenged to find sufficient growth opportunities. By effectively differentiating themselves, an Organization can continuously create and sell value to their stakeholders.  Organizations must continuously earn the confidence of their customers, vendors, employees, investors, lenders, local community, and current & ultimately future owners/shareholders that the business is not only viable but worthy of their investment.  Organizations must continually assess the competitive environment, evaluate and improve their products & services, invest in their internal operations, management team, employees, processes and systems.

Organizations must continually sell their value proposition externally to its customers by providing products, services, processes and systems to meet current and future needs.  Internally businesses must sell their value to attract high performing, aligned management teams, and dedicated goal oriented employees. The process of Selling the value of your organization, to your current and future stakeholders, or a new ownership team begins with understanding the value of the Organization, including financial performance, growth potential, suppliers, employees, customers, differentiation and management leadership.

Our colleagues at Value Builder ™ have surveyed over 3000 stakeholders working in or with organizations with revenues from $50,000 to $100 million, and have determined the eight dimensions of value creation.     Tachometer with with background

Leaders need to evaluate how their organization scores in the eight value building dimensions. Deficiencies need to be identified and addressed, and strengths need to be exploited. Fortunately, there is a tool leaders of organizations can use to quickly determine how they measure up.

The Value Builder ™ is a confidential and free analysis of your organization, which assesses your performance on the eight value building dimensions. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete online, and immediately produces a comprehensive report providing insightful details, including your organization’s performance in each of the eight value creating dimensions.

We at Accelerx believe it is crucial for an organization to understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to not only survive but also grow.  “The Value Builder Score” is the beginning of the process of understanding the business’s value and developing an action plan to promote the positives and mitigate the negatives in the value creation process.

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