The Accelerx DISC Index

The Accelerx DISC Index is a modern interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s behavioral dimensions. It is the HOW you prefer to use those talents. Marston’s research uncovered four quadrants of behavior which help to understand a person’s behavioral preferences. This Disc Index helps you understand your behavioral style and how to maximize your potential.

When you bring these three assessments together, you get the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of an individual, i.e., WHAT natural talents do he/she have, WHY is he/she motivated to use them, and HOW does he/she prefer to use them. This combination of talents, values and behaviors comprise the very core of who we are and make us the unique individual we see in the mirror every morning.

Authenticity can be defined as using the right talents, for the right reason, in the right way. Research reveals that the more authentic a person is to their natural talents behaviors and values, the more successful they are. This trio of assessments helps individuals and the organizations in which they work understand how to maximize the potential of themselves and each individual, and how best to put the combinations of their talents values and behaviors together.