Who we are

The Accelerx Group is a business growth and process improvement consulting firm; We work with organizations focused on growth … whether a start-up organization in need of business processes to scale profitably … an expanding organization desiring to grow faster …. Or an organization with stagnate or shrinking revenues needing to re-ignite growth.  We drive innovation through people development and process improvement, our processes quickly allow clients to become more successful in meeting their sustainable business goals.

The Accelerx Group is among a select group of organizations from across the United States and Canada who have achieved certification through “The Institute of Sustainability”  (www.theinstituteforsustainability.com).  We partner with organizations to help them remain viable and competitive in an environment where the triple bottom line (economic, social, and environmental success) is becoming increasingly important. Sustainability goes well beyond “Green” initiatives, it is a business strategy to create long-term shareholder and stakeholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental, regulatory and social developments.

As a certified member of “The Institute for Sustainability”, The Accelerx Group is uniquely qualified to help enhance and develop the people and business potential existing within a company while helping an organization achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our highly effective solutions lead to dramatic and measurable improvements in mission critical business functions, including the ability to:

              • Lead,
              • Manage,
              • Grow,
              • Innovate,
              • Acquire new customers,
              • Retain Loyal customers.

Our rigorous processes focus on the four critical success factors most important to Organizational Leaders:

              • Strategy
              • Execution
              • People
              • Cash

With a focus on critical success factors, entities can align the personal and organizational goals necessary to foster an environment where there is:

              • Culture of growth,
              • Continuous improvement,
              • Higher levels of achievement,
              • Greater customer satisfaction, and
              • Higher customer loyalty.

Definable • Practical • Sustainable

  • Definable: Our Processes are not new. The path to growth has been defined and used by thousands of growth focused organizations.
  • Practical: The solutions to your growth are not a “new fangled management fad”. They are time honored, and consist of the solid execution of business fundamentals.
  • Sustainable: The solution is not a one-time boost. An organization committed to the processes and methodology, will continuously experience the benefits of growth.

Accelerx is one of over six hundred “Resource Associates Corporation” (RAC) affiliates who for over thirty years have provided business and personal skill development and improvement services.  The Accelerx Group focus is to provide the enabling processes necessary to expand and develop the skills and attitudes of our clients to achieve a higher degree of success personally, professionally and organizationally.

The keys to a competitive,focused, successful and “Sustainable” organization are its: Strategy,People, Execution and Cash Management.

A “Sustainable Organization” has highly developed systems, open-flexible culture and efficient streamlined processes.

A “Sustainable Organization” exists when a focused, incremental effort results in a disproportionate amount of growth.

“A Sustainable Organization” has a Strategy which is more than words, “It walks the walk”, is excellent at execution, has the foresight and discipline to finance their growth.

Today’s environment is characterized by increasing competition –  this is the norm. Every organization must anticipate challenges, ranging from to little growth to overly rapid uncontrolled growth – both can reek havoc on the organization.

How you respond to these challenges will determine how “Sustainable”  is your  future.