Schelling Point

SchellingPoints’ Alignment Optimization (AO) solutions empower an organization to efficiently measure, maximize, and maintain the strongest alignment throughout your collaborations.

SchellingPoint is an analytical approach to alignment that yields quantifiable results beyond human limitations. SchellingPoint’s Alignment Optimization Technology (AOT) is the first software that enables any size group, anywhere in the world, to measure, maximize and maintain the greatest degree of alignment around a shared topic.

AOT is proven to work in a wide variety of applications and organizations – from Fortune 50 business strategies,  government policy-making, global coalitions, merger and acquisition success, small and mid-size organizational channel strategy development, contract outsourcing, process redesign, strategic alliances, product innovation, and sustainability plans.

AOT, enables organizations to rapidly assemble the most accurate comprehensive assessment of its known, viable and fully understood status, in ¼ of the time normally consumed by traditional meetings or consulting methodologies.


ProcessGene Ltd is a privately held software corporation based in Haifa Israel.  Committed to transform scientific excellence into revolutionary software ProcessGene, develops forward-thinking business process management and governance, risk, and compliance software solutions, designed to serve multi-subsidiary organizations powered by a unique “Multi-Org” technology.  Businesses and governments worldwide use ProcessGene solutions to manage, control and improve business processes, implement enterprise software, and coordinate mergers and acquisitions. ProcessGene’s Multi-Organization technology enables synchronized management of several business process models (e.g. per subsidiary), all linked to a centrally controlled, global business process baseline. ProcessGene is an acknowledged market leader and innovator in the BPM and GRC software solutions market sector. For more information, visit