Who We Work With

At any point in time, regardless of the economy, 20% of companies are experiencing stagnant growth or worse – shrinking revenues.

Accelerx works with organizations focused on growth … whether a start-up organization in need of business processes to scale profitably … an expanding organization desiring to grow faster …. Or an organization with stagnate or shrinking revenues needing to re-ignite growth.

Organizational growth is not an option if you want to survive …  stagnant companies normally will not survive beyond three-five years…. Conversely, it is possible to grow yourself out of business with uncontrolled revenue expansion and a lack of investment in organizational development.

“No Company can consistently grow revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth, and still be a great company.

~ David Packard (Packard’s Law of Management)

Our successful Clients exhibit the leadership characteristics which:

  • Values people Everyone has value to contribute to the organization, people genuinely want to make a contribution and the organization treats them with respect.
  • Commits to personal excellence Leaders are focused on the excellence they can develop within themselves to bring out the best in their people.
  • Believes in possibilities Leaders do not dwell on the past trapped by limiting beliefs or reluctant to different approaches. Leaders believe change is possible, they optimistically approach problems and are willing to take risks in order to grow.
  • Is curious Leaders are life-long learners, open minded and see each situation as an opportunity to learn.
  • SuccessHave experienced success, and are motivated to move to even higher levels of performance
  • Think LongTerm Leaders are committed to long-term solutions, rather than the quick fix.
  • Work CollaborativelyLeaders recognize personal limitations, willingly seek counsel, advice and opinions internal and external to the organization.
  • Passion Leaders are fully engaged to build the best organization for their people, clients, business partners and themselves.
  • GrowthLeaders invest personally and professionally to meet challenges to nurture the organization and foster growth.

Growth is a process

Accelerx is your partner!

Together we will grow your company with each partner contributing their best!