Profitopoly ( is a fun, dynamic, and powerful business tool that provides education and problem-solving using relevant company data to enable profitable business growth. Profitopoly offers an innovative way to bring your people together to create cross-functional teamwork and relationship building involving the achievement of key financial goals.

Profitopoly will educate and inspire employees while motivating teams to work together to achieve profitability enhancement initiatives. Profitopoly also produces a valuable executive report on each team’s performance and learning initiatives. We call this our People Development Scorecard which can be used to document financial learning, strategies, opportunities, and new ideas to increase profits.

Our clients value this program because it offers significant employee growth opportunities which will enhance their role and impact across the organization to achieve:

  • Profitable business development
  • Recognition of profit opportunities and how they can contribute
  • Group problem solving and the use of relevant company data
  • Targeted company training and education
  • Strong skills involving financial decision-making

Profitopoly teaches employees about money management in competitive market conditions all while promoting learning and relationship-building:

  • Auction – Creates excitement as teams try to acquire assets and improve their competitive position.
  • Dashboard – Keeps the team focused on key performance indicators and promotes healthy business competition.
  • Inventory Management – Requires the team to work together to manage cash and inventory, and often leads to defined roles for team members
  • Solution Squares –Tests team knowledge using relevant company data and keeps the focus on the learning objectives of the game.
  • Financial Reports – Measures team progress with timely reports which participants can use to develop strategies.
  • Periods – Enables strategy shifts to change the dynamics of the game.
  • Chance Element – Introduces unexpected real world circumstances to measure the team’s ability to react to change.
  • Economic Variables – Changes to revenue and material price indices impact inventory management decisions and the “chance” element of the game.