Professional Services

Industry: Finance

Client: Stock Broker

This individual by his own admission was disorganized, took on too much work outside of his comfort zone, lost opportunities due to the mountains of paperwork he amassed, never delegated, had a deteriorating relationship with his assistant, and was in the bottom 25 of the national ranking of sales results for his organization. His objective was to achieve a professional level of organization and be in the top five ranking of sales results.

A combination approach to personal leadership, sales improvement, personal strategic planning, and time management was facilitated via a one-on-one coaching process.


  • He is now more organized.
  • Has an improved relationship with his assistant through better communication.
  • He is confident in his delegation skills.
  • Has more time to focus on big-ticket clients.
  • He was recognized as the #4 producer in his office and quickly achieved recognition as the #2 producer.
  • He is also in the top 10 national ranking in sales for his entire organization.

Industry: Public Relations

Client: Freelance public relations consultant for just over nine months

Owner started as a freelance consultant, and her client roster had quickly outgrown her initial infrastructure. The owner had a larger challenge on the home front – a newborn infant. With now three children and a business that was quickly encroaching on her personal time, it was time to take a hard look at the future. The owner was seeking assistance with:

  • Deciding on a course of action for the future growth or stabilization of her consulting business.
  • Establishing an appropriate business structure.
  • Addressing throughput and capacity issues.
  • Taking advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Leveling the playing field with large PR agencies.
  • Increasing revenue and profit to support business and personal goals.
  • Managing time to allow more time with family.

The Consultant met with the owner to examine her options, set future goals, assess current resources and infrastructure, and achieve those goals through a detailed plan of action that would allow her to become a business owner and not a freelancer.


  • The owner quickly began to see positive impact of the planning phase.
  • She felt confident in her decision making skills and forged ahead to implementation.
  • Became known in business community as “agency,” not “freelancer.”
  • Increased opportunities to work with larger clients.
  • On track to meet and even exceed, revenue goals.
    75% of clients now billed at new hourly rate.
  • Part-time employee and additional freelancers brought on board.
  • Upgrades to office and equipment are in progress.

Client: Computer Services Firm

The business was not achieving the level of revenue the owners had hoped for and one of the two owners seemed to be apathetic about solving the problem.

A custom designed executive leadership process was conducted with the two co-owners focusing on the strategic direction of the organization while establishing specific goals and objectives that would define their mutual success. In order to gain commitment and fuel passion for the new objectives a leadership process was facilitated with the remaining 10 employees. Using the appropriate diagnostics, a development plan was defined for each employee’s long-term growth.


  • The business doubled its results, its staff, and its bottom line in less than one year.

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