Customer Loyalty and Service

Industry: Associations and Publishing

Client: Fulfillment center

The client serves nearly 200 associations and publishers, whose industries have been hit by the economic downturn. Membership retention has become a critical issue for the both industries resulting in a rigorous service standard … zero tolerance for losing clients to poor customer service.

Consultant was engaged to design, implement, and track a customer loyalty process focused on three measurable goals: no client losses from poor customer service, one to two new sales opportunities within each existing account, and reduced operating expenses by 10%. Staff worked in cross-discipline teams to share progress, review objectives, and establish new goals around strengthening external and internal client relationships.


  • No significant client has left as a result of poor customer service.
  • Process improvements resulting from weekly team discussions resulted in immediate savings in five figures with projected annual savings for the New Year well into six figures.
  • Voluntary turnover has decreased 65% over the previous year.

Industry: Manufacturing

Client: Stone Fabrication

The client was operating in the red due to stagnant growth even though their market held significant potential. The inexperience of a young management team was identified as a contributing factor. In addition, the owner was admittedly reluctant to delegate projects and authority to the inexperienced team which caused angry customers, bottlenecks, and missed opportunities. The owner made the decision to invest in their untapped potential to grow their team therefore growing the company.

An executive leadership development process was designed and implemented for the management team and the owner.


  • Customer Satisfaction surveys were installed and ratings averaged 9+ on a 10 point scale within a few short months.
  • More money was made in one month than in the previous 18 months combined.
  • In the four subsequent years, the company has grown nearly 400%. They were a $1.2 million dollar company losing money when the process began.
  • They are now growing, highly profitable $5 million company setting their sights on becoming a $10 million company.
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