Industry: Freight/Trucking

Client: Niche division of an international freight/trucking company, $275 million in revenue, publicly held.

CEO has identified three senior level managers for future executive leadership positions and made the commitment to provide the resources necessary to help them acquire the skills to advance.

Using appropriate diagnostics, a customized one-on-one coaching process was created for each of the three individuals directly addressing their strengths and needed areas of improvement. Subject areas included concepts of leadership, executive leadership, strategic planning, and business development.


  • Each of the individuals made tremendous strides in both personal and professional development.
  • Each has been promoted into an executive leadership position within the company
  • Recovered all of their losses from economic downturn and are on track to meet financial goals.
  • Employee specifics,
    • Employee #1 is running an entire business unit within division. CEO is astounded at how she has been able to double revenue within 8 months.
    • Employee #2 wrote her own personal and professional strategic plan and proposed to the CEO the role she wanted to play and shared the ROI. Doubled revenue and had a huge impact on customer retention and growth.
    • Employee #3 was a 25-year employee feeling stuck in his position. The process got him unstuck, and he now runs largest department within division.

Industry: Home Health Care and Medical Supplies Provider

Client: Home Health Care and Medical Supplies Provider in business since 1997, 200 employees servicing clients in two states.

The owner wanted to develop an executive team to lead collaboratively in order to strategically grow the business, which would enable the owner to transition into a less active leadership role and into more of an advisor/mentor role. During the course of the program, state regulators unexpectedly reduced their Medicaid reimbursement by 10%. This change meant that the company profits and margins were immediately reduced by 10%. As a result of this change, the company leaders needed to quickly develop new growth strategies while engaging their people in the processes to make it happen.

The Consultant worked with the four-person executive team to develop the necessary leadership skills to set the new strategic goal, the action plan to accomplish it, and to lead execution of the plan to grow their third largest market segment by 50%. One member of the executive team took overall accountability for the goal and each of the other team members took primary ownership of one or more of the key deliverables. Individual coaching helped the leaders fine tune their action plans and develop appropriate behavior changes, while the group sessions helped them stay aligned.


  • Within one month, the client met the goal of growing the third largest customer segment by 50%. Since the goal was achieved so quickly, they universally agreed to double the goal to increase 100% by year-end.
  • The owner has developed a new growth strategy in medical supply sales and has engaged the Consultant to develop 17 additional team members to increase customer loyalty, referrals, and pull-through medical supply sales.
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