Industry: Consumer/Commercial Product Manufacturer

Client: Family owned, product manufacturer with global distribution, $100 million in revenue

The client is experiencing explosive growth worldwide and they are not prepared for it. The current infrastructure is weak with little to no process or structure. There is limited leadership experience at the supervisory and management levels. Employees are experiencing a lot of conflict and disconnects, old-timers stuck in the old culture and new hires are ready to be part of something big.

The Consultant created and facilitated a highly customized group leadership process for both the managers and supervisors to prepare them to be future leaders within the organization while igniting passion and motivation among the ranks. Management also invested in individual coaching for all participants and 50% of the participants decided to work with their coach long term.


  • 75% expected growth in revenue.
  • 25% increase in product manufacturing.
  • Increased profit margins.
  • Silos have crumbled and cross-departmental communication is now the norm.
  • Management is talking to engineering and to customers when developing new product which allows them to get product out quicker with less re-work.
  • Trust is growing among individuals, teams, and departments opening up more communication and camaraderie.

Industry: Manufacturing

Client: Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Upcoming leadership of this family-owned organization was very young and in need of development. The owner wanted his sons to be ready to accept leadership responsibility sooner rather than later and help get the company out of its current ten million dollar rut.

The owner and five upcoming leaders including his sons participated in a leadership development process combined with a strategic planning process. The process focused on defining where the company was headed, creating a seamless succession plan, and the specific objectives to make the new plan a reality. Based on the success of the initial project, the owner invested in 30 additional employees. Goal setting is used for all key corporate initiatives which are reviewed as a team monthly.


  • Leadership positions have been filled with candidates who are committed to the success of the organization and understand the plan.
  • There is a solid succession plan in place.
  • The company has achieved $16 million in revenue and quickly on the way to $17 million.
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