“I have worked with the Principals at Accelerx for over 20 years. They are men of dignity and humanity.  As a strategist, they will lay out the road map from risk assessment through performance improvement.  As consultants, they will recommend resolutions with pros and cons.  As a corporate managers, they will balance the employee career interests with the company objectives.”

The Accelerx Group is a trusted adviser in many aspects.

Vice President, Global Practice Leader – Enterprise Solutions, Vice President of Operations

“Accelerx is an exceptional consulting organization which offers an ideal mix of understanding organizations with understanding people.  It is the rare person who can analyze a situation and know how to improve it.  Accelerx results-focused low-key demeanor helps them quickly develop rapport with people at all levels of organizations.  They are completely honest and comfortable delivering ‘difficult’ news, but because of this rapport, it is well received.”

Senior Director, Professional Services

” My past experience working with Accelerx made it clear to me that you can always rely upon them to have insightful business views, well thought out and articulated strategies, clear and executable plans as well as the energy and savvy to effect them in complex as well as straight forward situations…..it was always a pleasure”

Fortune 500 CIO

Accelerx is one of those rarities one finds in the consulting world: highly knowledgeable about both IT strategy and business strategy & process management, practical-minded about organizational and process transformation and customer-focused to a fault. Their exceptional experience as practioners lends high business value to their insights and approach to implementing change management and business process transformation strategies”.

Fortune 50 CIO and Executive Management Consultant

“I have had several opportunities to work with Accelerx since 1999, and found them to be incredibly insightful strategists with strong business acumen.  They have the unique ability to rapidly analyze very complex situation and synthesize them to concise terms, coupling alternative paths with supporting research and examples to lead customers to exceptional results.”

CEO of Professional Services Organization and noted Author of an IT Management book

“Working with Accelerx is easily the best business decision I have made since starting my own company. I first contacted Accelerx for help with implementing the accounting practices necessary for growth. Accelerx was patient and understanding, and were great at teaching me how to grow my business – the right way. Accelerx started with me providing accounting help, but they have become much, much more than that; Accelerx has become a trusted and dependable business advisor who has helped me grow my business tremendously. I would not be where I am today without Accelerx!”

Founder and President, Green (Environmentally Sustainable) Products Company

“Accelerx has the unique ability to communicate with all levels of management in a friendly and powerful way such that results are achieved. They have the exceptional ability to facilitate leadership, sales and strategic thinking helping their clients focus on their personal and professional vision.”

President, Durable Goods Manufacturer