Plan It

The result of having thought through your organization (Think It), is a clear direction of where the organization is going, however,  there is still plenty of work to be done. Values, Mission and Vision only provide the ground rules and general direction for the organization.

Every Organization operates in a world of constraints – namely finite resources.

In “Plan It”, the organization begins the process of allocating the limited and valuable resources of the organization to the products and services determined to have the greatest potential to satisfy the growth needs of the Organization.

The Output of this process is:

Strategy: The “What of the Organization”.   Strategy is a set of actions or objectives around a unifying theme to accomplish a vision.

The Strategy will contain:

Priorities – allocation of time where it’s most-needed and wisely spent,bringing order to chaos

Data – the qualitative or quantitative attributes of information driving performance

Rhythm – performance marked by cadence and regularity through which actionable feedback is received