Do It

The creation of a Strategy without the leadership to accomplish it is worthless. When you “Do It”, Strategy becomes  “Operational”, it becomes the Organization’s Mission.

The organization has defined:

Strengths, and

    Goal: The “How of the Organization” – The object of a course of action, specific goals to be worked toward.

    Goals must be:

    Realistically High

      The time scale is usually twelve to eighteen months. The Mission’s goals align with the short to intermediate term “Strategic Plan” known as the “Business Plan”.

      Annual Goals are broken down into manageable Quarterly goals resulting in 30/60/90 day priorities.

      The “Who, What and When of the Organization “

      Action Steps: The “Who, What and When of the Organization “ – This is the actual activity performed by the people of your organization, obstacles are identified, solutions developed and implemented to achieve the goals. The organization owns the process, is responsible for the outcome and performs to the metrics associated with their activity.

      Strong effective and efficient communication through daily status meetings to evaluate performance and identify roadblocks becomes the organizations method of operation.

      When an organization has implemented the process, and is executing to plan, your organization will be elegant. By definition in an elegant organization,

      Everyone in your Organization is:

      Aligned with your strategy,
      Living your values,
      Performing with passion,
      Responsible for results.