Customer Loyalty

In today’s global and ever-changing economy, customer service is simply not enough. Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable measurement of the Customer experience. The standard and measure of success today are loyal Customers. Developing and maintaining loyal internal Customers (employees) and external Customers is the critical difference in creating sustainable organizational success. Customer loyalty has become a distinct strategic advantage creating a new competitive edge for businesses and organizations.

Research has shown that customer behavior is predicted by emotions. The presence of positive emotions is the best predictor of Customer loyalty in the customer interaction process. Therefore, the critical elements of creating and maintaining loyal customers are connecting to customers and developing relationships.

Creating and developing positive unique points of connection for every customer is essential. Individuals experience hundreds of connection points with their internal and external interactions on a daily basis. This is equally true for internal customers (employees) as well as external customers. Outstanding service providers are always aware of their customer’s emotions and they know how to respond appropriately. Emotions are a reality in interactions. Understanding and being able to effectively reduce and manage the negative impact of one’s emotions and stress is critical to connecting and developing relationships with all customers. Connecting and developing relationships is the key to customer loyalty.